The Road To Nowhere

The Road To Nowhere are adventurists seeking freedom through fantasy and expression through collaboration. As they explore music, art and technology, The Road To Nowhere create a series of unique collective experiences that bridge creative worlds and forge new paths and friendships.

Let's make new rules

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The Road To Nowhere was born from a collective dream from the future. A hedonistic vision where everyone is equal and boundaries cease to exist, this team of fantasists take a renegade view of creativity and form a growing network of enthusiasts. Their quirky endeavours in music, art and technology forge unique collective experiences. Their multisensory Labyrinth installation grew from an East London 200m square plot into the one of the most talked about features of Secret Garden Party festival. Those watching tend to fall head over heels in love. Those following know that anything is possible.
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RTN Soundsystem is the cosmic DJ crew that was spawned from The Road To Nowhere. Click here for RTN Soundsystem.
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